Doing ED The Right Way

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Treated?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in men that causes them to have trouble getting erections or have soft ones and is also shortened as ED. This problem is caused by a fail in the sensations in the nerves of the male ejaculatory organ and other health conditions in the blood. The problem is however a common phenomenon and just like any other disease it has numerous remedies to treat it.

During treatment there are several methods to treat them but one should ensure they visit a doctor first to know if what they want to use will work for them. ED may be treated through the internal and the external means because they are the two broad categories there are of treatment options. The treatment that is carried out by the swallowing of the medicines is the internal option.

The oral medicines are the first sub category of the internal option. The effect of the nitric oxide is the means through which the medications work and they come in the form of tablets to make it easy to swallow. The penile muscles are relaxed by the nitric oxide and they for that matter increase the blood flow and get an erection. The doctors’ prescription should be followed here because the medications vary in the dosage.

The second treatment is the injections where one is given hormones and examples of erections enhancers. A thin needle is used to deliver the contents directly into the organ and then the erection will start soon enough and last for great lengths of time and that is why it is effective. A tiny needle is used necessarily to cause only minimal pain and reduce bleeding on the organ. The hormones can also be replaced through therapy and this is considered to have a longer lasting effect. The types of treatment have been known to have side effects like the prolonged ejaculation, bleeding and the formation of fibrous tissues.

The other treatment type is the external treatment. This happens through the penile pumps and the penile implants not forgetting the exercise. ED is improved by exercises and hence people should consider increasing their activity levels. An erection is caused by the penile pumps because they create a vacuum hence increasing blood flow. Because they get inflated, penile implants that are placed on both sides of the male ejaculatory organ surgically and are able to hold an erection for long. There are remedies that one can use locally and naturally to treat ED. Losing excess pounds, eating some types of foods and quitting smoking are some of the natural methods one can apply.

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