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Top Ideas in Choosing an Expert to Design Your Book Cover

You can love or hate a book based on how it looks on the front cover. Folks decides to buy the book or not by looking at the cover. You need an exceptional expert who does his work with professionalism. Remember, there are many designers, but they don’t have the same results. The tips provided here will help you to choose the right person.

Understand the job they have done in your specific genre. Experience in your genre is helpful in developing an excellent job in regard to what readers want. They are responsible in creating images which resonate well with the readers.

Ask the designer about the way he comes up with a design. Though the expert has skills in developing book cover designs, he should listen to the kind of ideas you have and incorporate them in the cover. This will help him to come up with a design that will stand out. Know whether the experts pick designs from the internet without putting effort. Select someone who uses advanced technological tools to make excellent book cover designs. It is crucial to ask for the designer to create a custom cover design which is not used by someone else.

Take a look at the designer’s portfolio. This gives you a hint whether you like what they have done. Ensure you deal with someone who has done many designs as he has known how to evade mistakes that are done by newbies.

Ask about the cost of designing. Some designers have a price list on their sites or email different service providers. Inquire about the formula of paying the designer. Ensure that the structure of payment suits you. Know whether they offer money guarantee.

Visit their premises. You should tell him about your writing category and the central theme of the book. Designers will allow you to preview the cover design before they give the final copy. Always get interested in finding someone who accepts your feedback regardless of the revisions that you indicate. You should understand the way the expert packages the completed work.

Set time limits for this project. They should stick to the deadline to ensure that they don’t interfere with the publication date. Never rush them to deliver in one day as this may lead to poor results.

You must know about the communication style of the book cover design professional. Hire an expert who frequently talks to clients. You should learn to deal with one professional for all your books because you want consistency in the books you produce.

Look at the testimonials that have been sent by clients as well as contact them.

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